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Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

At Hoover, we believe in personalized and blended learning as a tool to help students achieve their best. This year, we are working on meeting students at their levels and accelerating learning for each student. Students set goals and then work in small groups or independently based on meeting those goals. Teachers work with groups and individuals while other students work independently or in groups at their own level and on their goals. Flexible Classroom Environments is another addition to our instructional model. Teachers at Hoover are piloting flexible learning environments. Space in the classroom is set up as a comfortable learning space for individual students according to their needs. Students have options during the day to sit at a single table, kidney tables with the teacher, standing height tables, group seating and couches/ bean bags.

Personalized Learning

In personalized learning, some 4th grade students work individually or in teams, while their teacher, Mrs. Ellison pulls groups.

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