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After-School Program BACR

The Hoover After-School Program has been established in partnership with Bay Area Community Resources.


BACR after-school programs promote the successful, holistic development of Bay Area youth by providing opportunities for young people to acquire new skills, engage in creative learning, share their talents, and leave a positive mark in their communities. We collaborate with fellow community-based organizations and schools to provide high-quality after-school experiences for youth throughout the Bay Area.


  • Youth are valuable members of our communities and we support them in realizing their power.
  • Our actions must be conscious decisions designed to respect our ancestors, improve the present, and sustain future generations.
  • We strive for justice and equity in education, so youth can have meaningful opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.
  • We leverage the best of our community to provide a rich array of meaningful opportunities for young people through a collaborative programming model.
  • We like to have FUN and take every opportunity to enjoy and celebrate our work.

Program Quality Standards

Our youth work is based on the following three program quality strategies that guide our work on a daily basis: the CNYD youth development principles, the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Development Program Quality Assessment tool and Temescal Associates Learning in After School Principles.  In addition to this, all program staff has cleared a background check, have a current negative TB test on file and have completed at least 48-college units/Instructional Aid certified.  They have also participated in training in our quality standards and common core education theory.

BACR Agency Best Practices

  • We preserver, are dependable and act with integrity.
  • We recognize the needs and strengths of customers and support their development
  • We are continuous learners – stretching, growing and innovating.
  • We build healthy relationships and are guided by a caring heart.
  • Our services are based on proven models and methods.
  • We work within communities and build alliances to meet community needs.
  • We focus on results.
  • We are humble, hopeful and a sense of humor.

BACR Student Best Practices:

  • We don’t give up, we are responsible and honest.
  • We are always learning, stretching, growing, and creating.
  • We are humble, hopeful and have a sense of humor.
  • We build healthy relationships and are guided by a caring heart.
  • We recognize the needs and strengths of our peers and support their growth.
  • We do our best every time in everything.
  • We will be successful and take advantage of the opportunities to be part of this community.

Our Program

Hoover After School Program Staff thrive to provide students with opportunities to engage in meaningful and intentional opportunities to improve their academic, emotional, and social skills. We offer different means for students reinforce such skills whether is through academic hour, enrichment and extracurricular activities such as sports, cooking, art, and theatre. Our students are encouraged to be leaders among each other, our classrooms, our school, and overall communities. We encourage our students to exercise their leadership skills as part of daily routines and through our exemplary actions.

Program Vision

The Hoover After School Students will have the confidence and courage to try new things and become students who are caring, critical thinkers, and world changers.

Program Mission

The Hoover After School provides enrichment activities and academic excellence with the focus on giving students the tools necessary to successfully navigate the world around them.

Currently at Hoover we service 120 students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. We have six (6) after school instructors who do an amazing job at ensuring that our students are safe, supported, engaged, and they interact with them in many ways in the classroom and outdoors. Our program also has an on-site coordinator and site assistant who ensure that everything runs smoothly on a daily basis and supports the students and instructors in many different ways.  Our program starts once the bell rings at 2:45pm (regular days) or 1:15pm (minimum days) and ends at 6:00pm.

A typical day in after school:

Students sign in with their instructor. As a whole group our students do mindfulness which is led by either students or an instructor. They then enjoy nutritious snack provided by OUSD Nutrition Services. They also enjoy some outdoor time to wind down all the energy before they begin their academic hour. Students then transition to their enrichment classes and close with a reflection, circle time, or whole group activities before they get picked up to go home.

This year the All Stars Program is proud to be offering the following activities:

  • Academic Hour (homework help, reading & math support)
  • Moby Max Literacy Intervention
  • Physical Education (Sports & Zumba)
  • Organized Sports (Soccer in partnership with OPR)
  • Science & Engineering
  • Arts & Crafts (Kinder-2nd Grade)
  • African Drumming (in partnership with Destiny Arts)
  • Girls Scouts STEM