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Supporting Organizations

Hoover is very grateful for all the support we have from our community organizations. 

  • American Association of Yemeni Students and Professionals (AAYSP) runs the Ta’alam Literacy Program and other intervention support for Arab American and Afghan students and families, bridging these families to schools, providing much-needed translation, interpretation and role models.
  • Attitudinal Healing Connection works with our students to integrate art into the curriculum. Currently our kindergarteners are integrating art and math and our first graders are working on poems to go with drumming pieces. In the past, our students designed a mural to go under a highway over pass as well as banners to go along Telegraph Street. Attitudinal Healing also supports us with staff art workshops, family art nights and bringing their amazing art van to our events. 
  • Heroes provides sports classes that allows students  to engage in new and exciting games focused on communication, collaboration, and creativity.
  • Oakland Ed Fund supports Hoover families to be ready to volunteer. They also partner with us to prep our school for the first day of school and to get readers for our Latino, African American and Asian Heritage reading programs.
  • Chapter 510 sends us amazing volunteers to support our school and to work on writing projects with our 2nd graders.
  • West Oakland Resident Action Committee is a strong partner for our community activities including Friday Night Lights during the summer months. 
  • Harriet Tubman, West Oakland Youth Center, Boys and Girls Club all partner with our school to provide enriching after school options for our students. 
  • East Bay Agency for Children provides us with an amazing on-site counselor to support our students. 
  • Bay Area Community Resources is our after school program on- site. They partner with many organizations to provide an enriching experience for our students such as Girl Scouts, Gaia Girls and Destiny Arts. 
  • Plymouth Church of Jazz and Justice supports our students by donating supplies for students such as jackets and backpacks, as well as volunteering to and working with students in engineering and in the garden.